Ashley Lucas

MLR is operated by Ashley Lucas who has a long history with Land Rovers and their use off road, including modification enhancements and is very passionate and knowledgeable about Land Rovers.

Ashley has been the four wheel drive advisor, contributor and Event Manager to NZ4WD magazine since 1998 and has an extensive knowledge of four wheel drives and their use off road.

He has been involved in the 4WD Club scene for over 35 years and has competed in the NZFWDA National Trials in the 1980’s in a Series II Land Rover. He has owned and driven Land Rovers all his life and amongst the vehicles currently owned is his well travelled Land Rover 90 soft top set up for off road and his prized 1994 Camel Trophy Discovery, the only genuine Camel Trophy event Discovery in New Zealand.

Ashley has travelled to such prestigious off road events such as the Malaysian Rain Forest Challenge, the Australian Outback Challenge and the Xtreme International (XI) as well as touring Australia by 4WD including the Aussie Outback, Simpson Desert and Cape York.

Contact Ashley by:

phone: 09 576-1304

mobile: 0274 956-999